Who Am I?

My name is Ashton Chilton, I am 15 years old and I live in Key Largo, Florida.


My passion is Racing and my goal in life is to become a Professional Racecar Driver. I started racing in 2012 when I was 6 years old in Kid Kart and I am now racing Legend Cars.


In 2014, I won my first Championship, the Palm Beach Rotax Micromax Championship.


In 2015, I finished second in the Florida Pro Kart Series Championship Mini Swift / IAME  and won the Florida Pro Kart Series Championship Mini Swift / Tag Cadet. I finished eleventh in the Rok Cup USA Championship and won the Fall Championship Series in Homestead.


2016 was a great year as I raced again the Rok Cup Championship finishing 6th in points. i also raced in the Rok Cup South and won the Championship. I also won the local Spring Series Championship in Homestead, FL. This summer,  I was able for the first time to race out of state in the WKA Manufacturers / National Series in Newcastle, Indiana (twice) and in Pittsburgh, PA.

I also won the Palm Beach Championship, undefeated, where I finished first in all 5 races.

In December, I raced the WKA Daytona Kart Week and won the Championship leading every lap of the competition the entire week except 2 laps of the last race. 

2017 was an excellent year. I  finished a strong 2nd in the world biggest winter race, FWT. After being sponsored by "Nitro Kart" we continued the National WKA series winning again in Jacksonville (Week-end Champion) and securing the WKA National Winter Championship in Ocala with more podiums and another weekend Championship in Pittsburgh. I raced all around the country and was finally crowned the 2017 WKA National Champion. 

Not to forget, I also got my first big crash in Indiana which included 3 flips but fortunately I was not hurt.


2018 started quite rough with several crashes as I moved up to the Junior class (Junior IAME X30 and Junior LO206). Bigger kart, a lot more power and a lot to learn to be competitive. This was a new beginning but I persevered. I really applied myself, learnt everything there is to  know about my kart, increased my body strength in order to be able to handle my kart (150 push ups nightly) and all my efforts paid off. Within a couple of months, I finally reach the required level to be competitive. I ran 5 different Florida Championships. I finished 3rd in SSKC. I won the Ocala  Spring / Summer Championship and finished 2nd in Ocala Fall / Winter Championship. By winning that overall Championship (total of 12 races) I am also the recipient of the Ocala 4 Year University Scholarship.

I also won the SOFLOKC LO206 championship. 

I finished the year with a Double Championship at AMR Motorplex in 2 different division LO206 Jr and  X30 Junior, first time in the history of the track.


2019, as I won State and National championships with over 100 podiums in my career, it is time for me to say goodbye to Go Karting and move up to Legend Car racing in September.  Right away, I really took on this kind of racing and I finished all my races in the Top 10.  I will keep digging, improving and looking forward to an excellent 2020 season including my first participation at the Nationals in this series.


2020 has been a very challenging year with Covid. Some races have been cancelled or postponed but we managed to complete the season and after over 30 races, I finished 2nd in the Legend Car Racing Florida State Championship, Young Lions division and 3rd in the Auburndale Local Championship.


Looking forward to a new season in 2021 where I will still be racing Legend car, Young lions Division but with a brand new car and engine as well as a new number 56. 

Not only do I drive but I also do mechanic work every day on my car with my father, who is also my mentor, my  coach and my mechanic. My goal is to compete at the national level and become the best in the Nation.  Racing is an extremely expensive sport between travel costs, entry fees and maintenance of the car.  By sponsoring me, you are helping me becoming more competitive against the bigger teams, and making my dream comes true.

It is also a great opportunity for you to showcase, promote and advertise your company.


On a personal note, when I am not racing, I am an Honor Roll 10th grader, I practice Crossfit, Basketball, BMX biking and love fishing on my Boston Whaler (that I purchased myself after working construction with my father all summer).


I hope you will join us and become part of my success.