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2021  Legend Car Racing Schedule*
January 23, Auburndale, FL
January 30, Auburndale, FL
February 6-12, Winter Nationals, Auburndale, FL
February 20, Citrus County, Inverness, FL
March 6, Auburndale, FL
March 14, Orlando, FL (CXL)
March 20, Auburndale, FL
March 27, 417 Speedway, Punta Gorda, FL
April 3, Atlanta, GA
April 12-16, Spring Nationals, Greenbrier, TN
April 24, Citrus County,  Inverness, FL
May 1, Auburndale, FL
May 8, Citrus County,  Inverness, FL
May 22, Citrus County,  Inverness, FL
May 29,  Auburndale, FL
June 5, Citrus County, Inverness, FL
June 26, 417 Speedway, Punta Gorda, FL
July 10, Citrus County, Inverness, FL
July 15, Lanier, GA
July 31, Citrus County, Inverness, FL
Aug 28, Citrus County, Inverness, FL
September 4, Auburndale, FL 

September 11, Citrus County, Inverness, FL

September 18, Auburndale, FL

October 9, 417 Speedway, Punta Gorda, FL

October 23, Auburndale, FL 

November 13, Citrus County, Inverness, FL

November 20, 417 Speedway, Punta Gorda, FL

December 4, 5, Auburndale, FL

December 11-12, Auburndale, FL

December 18, Orlando, FL

*Race dates are subjected to change.

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